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Happy Pets

Leo, Rooney & Simba
A well needed rest after playing in the garden!

Lara & Bradley
" We need lots of attention as Brad was a stud cat -
now retired
: - ( , and Lara is just very naughty but in charge! Karen looks after us when our butler Jim has to leave us!"
Sophie Sophie

"I am Sophie and I love to visit Karen and make myself completely at home. Its such a shame when my owners return and my holiday is over!"

"We are Benson & Bayley - Karens Petcare is home from home!"

"We are Shadow & Kira, we really enjoy seeing Karen and having a play. It breaks up our day while our owners are working."

"I am Mojo and I like going to Karen’s because she has a huge basket of toys to play with. I really enjoy playing with her dogs even though I get a bit grumpy sometimes – I think I’m trying to tell them whose boss!!"

Mojo Mojo
Josie Josie - Ferndown
"My owner is always disappearing at weekends and leaving me to it! I'm about 16 years old now and he should know better, and he's out all day during the week working! So it's really nice to see Karen everyday...I only bite her sometimes when i'm in a bad mood but she always feeds and strokes me so I always look forward to seeing her."

"I love staying with Karen and Mark as I can play with their dogs and have a great time, we go on long walks and although I have hip dysplasia I can still run and play- and hopefully get very dirty – I love lying down in muddy puddles, a ‘you’ve been framed’ moment but they always forget the camera! I could do with the £250 to spend on dog chews!!! never mind."

Boston - Southampton Boston

Lilley, Magic, Amber,
Anya & Alice
"We are the Medodaine Golden retrievers, Lilley, Magic, Amber, Anya and Alice, when our mum is busy Karen takes us for a walk, we are all well behaved so we are no trouble – honest! We have a lovely life and love our extra walk – I’m sure all Karen and mum want to do is drink a nice glass of wine in the garden but we come first!"

"I am Zelah the youngest Medodaine retriever, I love playing with all my siblings, and when Karen comes to take me for a walk with the girls I get excited, I have lots of energy and love exploring all the different places we go."

Simba & Casper

"We are Simba & Casper. Because of my mum and dads tight schedule we have to be with Karen a few days a week.We are very happy every time my dad takes us to Karens as we know we will be playing with her dogs Oliver & Harley all day and Karen plays with us too!!! "

Vinty & Lucy
Vinty & Lucy
RIP Vinty, a very dear faithful friend who passed away recently, She lived a long and full life, missed by Lucy and all who knew her.



Pickle and I always look forward to a holiday with Karen as our reserve maid! She feeds us well and looks after us until our owners return.

Squeeky & Amber
Squeeky & Amber-guinea pigs-they are in there somewhere!


"I am Olly and I love staying with Karen, Harley and Oliver, I know I can be mischievous but Karen understands me!"

Alfie & Charlie
Alfie & Charlie
Elvis Holly Holly
"While my Mum and Dad are out at work, Karen comes in and takes me for a walk, feeds me and plays ball with me. I like it because otherwise I would get very bored and lonely, It also gives me a break from Clyde (Mum and Dad's budgie)."
Jack Jack
"i am Thomas and really look forward to visiting Karen and Mark (my 2nd mum and dad)., They look after me and give me lots of cuddles, I particularly love playing with Oliver and Harley who are great fun to play with in their lovely big garden, I go for long walks with them all and I am always very tired when I go home!

Candi -"where's my dinner?"

Dear Libby
"i love walking in the sunshine!"

Twix and Misty- "come on we are ready to go for our walk"

Alfie - "can i make a more adorable face?"

Toby - tucked up and ready for a sleep.

Simba and Rooney- "did someone say - biscuit!"

Molly - "its a hard life"

Rufus and Nuggett-"chase me chase me!"

Never throw biscuits to your dog, it can make them snappy and take a chunk out of your finger insteard of the biscuit- hold it in your fingers just showing the tip and let them tease it from your fingers - add the words 'nicely'. They will soon learn to take the biscuit/treat more gently. Or hold the biscuit in the palm of your hand and give it to them.