Welcome to Karen's petcare service

Our services are designed for those of you with busy lifestyles in the Dorset & Hampshire area. It's easy to neglect your pets at home whilst you are away! Perhaps your Jack Russell gets bored and chews the sofa.........or maybe your cat claws your lovely new carpet or uses the curtains as a climbing frame because she can't think of anything else to do!

Whatever your personal circumstances we can help, it maybe a daily dog walking service you require or just someone to drop in, feed the cat and make a fuss of her for half an hour! Why not call us today to see how we can help you and your pets.

We cover: primarily Wimborne, Colehill, Ferndown, Ringwood and can,
if work commitments allow surrounding areas in Dorset and Hampshire.



If your dog will not return on recall, keep calling but with a happy voice (this may be difficult!) when he/she comes back no matter how annoyed you are - dont chastise them... Give praise or a treat - or next time you will never get them back - they will remember what happens when they return.